Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Protection Keeps Businesses Competitive

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, your unique ideas drive you forward. In a rapidly evolving global market, protecting these ideas is more important – and complex – than ever.

Over time, new ideas and business threats call for professional legal guidance. From initial registration to intellectual property litigation, you can depend on the experience and skill of our firm. We focus on creating a foundation for long-lasting success.

Register Your Unique Trademarks

The brand identity of a business consists of a variety of assets, such as icons, logos and taglines. If a competitor were to use nearly identical brand signifiers, they may influence your revenue, reputation and more.

To protect phrases, symbols and designs, we can work to help you register trademarks. Our Georgia lawyer will take the time to fully assess the details of your brand, product, designs and other business assets. We can also seek to enforce your rights in trademark misappropriation cases.

Secure Your Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection requires a careful approach; it is not as simple as filing the right documentation like a trademark. Trade secrets give your business its backbone, and sensitive information can easily travel. Therefore, you will need to guard your trade secrets throughout the life of your business.

The Wilson Firm takes a multifaceted approach to trade secret protection. As your attorney, David Wilson can work to mitigate the risks of working with vendors, partners and employees. We can help you create nondisclosure and noncompete agreements as well as other internal business methods to keep innovative trade secrets private.

Understand And Enforce Copyright Laws

Many people in the Atlanta metro area misunderstand how copyright laws work and what they can protect. While you have ownership rights over certain types of creative works from their moment of creation, this area of law is complicated.

Our firm will analyze and seek appropriate copyright registration for your creative works, whether they are performances, software and apps, music, literature or art. We can also use our attention to detail to represent you in copyright infringement disputes.

Discuss Your Ideas And Inventions Today

There is no need to gamble with the secrecy and competitive advantage of your unique ideas. Our firm is ready to learn about your intellectual property and other business needs. Call 470-223-8271 or email our office in Douglasville for a consultation.